All Elite Wrestling to have a TV-14 Rating?

Keeping with their promise to offer an alternative to wrestling fans, AEW will apparently have a TV-14 rating.

“During a promotional video released today for the upcoming Double Or Nothing event, AEW programming will have a TV-14 rating. On the opposite side of the spectrum WWE’s programming airs with a PG rating.”

Check out Ewrestlingnews article for more on AEW’s rating.


Sean Waltman Guarantees CM Punk will wrestle with AEW

WWE Hall of Famer Sean Waltman had Conrad Thompson on his X-pac 12 360 podcast recently. The pair touched on a number of topics including the always polarizing CM Punk

“Conrad, mark my words, CM Punk is gonna show up. Before it’s all said and done and I guaran-f***ing-tee it. Somewhere, maybe not right away, but when they get the TV going… come on! He ain’t gonna sit on the f***ing sidelines.”

For more exerpts from the interview check out Sportskeeda’s article. You can listen to the entire episdoe of X-pac’s 12 360 podcast here.

Jim Ross speaks on if Vince McMahon is concerned with AEW

Jim Ross was recently on Busted Open Radio. Ross openly discussed whether or not he believed Vince McMahon was at all intimidated about going head to head with someone with more money than him.

“You know, I don’t know if he is concerned about going head-to-head with anybody. I doubt it. I think he is bulletproof in that regard,” stated Ross. “I have said this internally with AEW; the worst mistake we can make is trying to chase WWE. We don’t need to chase WWE.

“I am sure there is concern financially about rosters. I am not officially in that department, but I asked one guy in WWE who is an under-card guy, a solid hand, who can help the younger guys earn, early 30s, and they said to me that he is not available. He just signed for a half a million dollars. He is not even on television, $500,000 just to keep him off the streets sort to speak. So yeah, I think there is a reactionary phase that is going around that AEW is willing to pay people.”

For more from Ross check out Busted Open Radio’s entire interview. Exerpts prepared by Wrestlinginc.

AEW’s talent will need “Special Permission” to take Independant bookings?

Initially it was reported that AEW talent would be allowed to take outside independent bookings. The Sportster is now reporting that some of AEW’s talent will need special permission to perform at indy shows.

“It is now being reported that AEW-contracted wrestlers who want to perform outside of the company will need “special permission” to do so. However, that doesn’t apply to performers who need the experience who will subsequently be allowed to go out and do as much wrestling as possible. Again, it doesn’t seem like that ruling will kick in until AEW’s weekly show launches later this year.”

WWE signed Goldberg in part because of AEW concerns?

The news recently broke that Bill Golberg would be wrestling at WWE’s upcoming Saudi Arabia show on June 7. Dave Meltzer is reporting that there was multiple reasons for brining the icon back.

“WWE officials did have a concern that Goldberg would eventually sign with AEW, according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio.”

At this time the length of Goldberg’s contract and opponent for the show are unknown. For more on Golberg check out Wrestlinginc’s article.