Jack Swagger shares his thoughts on a return to WWE

Former WWE Superstar Jake Hager was recently on Booker T’s radio show and shared his thoughts on a potential return to WWE.

“It’s cool about this WWE thing right now, because it’s never off the table. And pro wrestling has grown so popular right now, it’s just awesome. It’s like, there’s no more hiding in the closet and watching it, or reading the magazines. It’s cool to be a pro wrestler and that makes it so much better for us as pro wrestlers who go out there and put our bodies on the line, and give the fans entertainment that they deserve.”

Thanks to WrestlingNews.co for the quote.


Jake Hager wins second MMA bout but shows lack of sportsmanship?

Jake Hager won his second MMA bout in impressive fashion on Saturday night. Afterwards, Hager (2-0) was booed by the crowd for holding an arm triangle for several seconds after his opponent tapped.

“It was a quick win for Hager, who submitted his opponent with an arm-triangle after a little over three minutes of action. However, he kept the hold a few seconds after the tap, which was taken as a very bad sign of sportsmanship.”

Exerpts from mandatory.com. This Twitter video shows the controversial moment in the match.