Jim Ross speaks on Jon Moxley’s AEW debut

Jim Ross recently sat down with Sports Illustrated and touched on a number of topics, including his thoughts on Jon Moxley’s AEW debut.

“The lucky part for me is it reminded me of Mick Foley getting thrown off the cell,” Ross said. “I didn’t know that was going to happen, and the same thing happened on Saturday night in Vegas. I didn’t know Moxley was coming out there. He was so full of passion and raw, animal magnetism. I felt it in my bone marrow, it was a ‘Stone Cold’ moment.”

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Jim Ross speaks on if Vince McMahon is concerned with AEW

Jim Ross was recently on Busted Open Radio. Ross openly discussed whether or not he believed Vince McMahon was at all intimidated about going head to head with someone with more money than him.

“You know, I don’t know if he is concerned about going head-to-head with anybody. I doubt it. I think he is bulletproof in that regard,” stated Ross. “I have said this internally with AEW; the worst mistake we can make is trying to chase WWE. We don’t need to chase WWE.

“I am sure there is concern financially about rosters. I am not officially in that department, but I asked one guy in WWE who is an under-card guy, a solid hand, who can help the younger guys earn, early 30s, and they said to me that he is not available. He just signed for a half a million dollars. He is not even on television, $500,000 just to keep him off the streets sort to speak. So yeah, I think there is a reactionary phase that is going around that AEW is willing to pay people.”

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Jim Ross has some polarizing advice for WWE Champion Kofi Kingston

On the latest episode of the Jim Ross Report, Ross shared his thoughts on current WWE champion Kofi Kingston’s bubbly demeanor. Ross is advising Kingston to be a bit more edgy in his new role as the face of the company.

“Somebody needs to tell Kofi that hopping to the ring carefree, happy, smiling…I don’t know if that fits the champion..especially when you’re a marked man. The days of the six-man tags with New Day…it’s a different ballgame now. You’re the man. Everybody’s going to give you their best shot, which they should right? So the happy, carefree demeanor may be fun for children, you can laugh at or with the antics, not so much I think for the older fans.”

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