John Cena speaks on his future in the WWE recently caught up with John Cena who has been busy with his career outside the ring. The Doctor of Thuganomics touched on his acting career and his future with the WWE.

“That literally depends on the immediate future. There’s a few opportunities that have been set in front of me,” Cena told TheWrap. “If they work out — and I hope they work out — they’ll be wonderful challenges in life and for me to grow as a person, so I’ll more than likely take them. It doesn’t mean that my heart doesn’t lie with WWE.

The WWE does not need me. I need it and I love it, and I love every single moment I’m associated with it,” Cena said. “But I felt it the first time this year at WrestleMania: I took a step back and looked at everything and (realized) it is such a powerful machine.”

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Kurt Angle reveals who he has as the “greatest WWE Superstar of all-time”

Kurt Angle recently took to Instagram to wish John Cena a belated 42 birthday. The Olympic gold medalist recalled their time together and even called Cena the “greatest WWE Superstar of all-time.”

“17 years ago, I recall when a young John Cena took WWE by storm,” Angle wrote. “Even then, John pushed me to my limit. I absolutely Loved stepping into the ring with him. John has been able to stay healthy (for the most part) and dominate WWE for 17 years, which is unheard of, and nearly impossible. For that reason, He will go down in history as the most consistent, and the Greatest WWE Superstar of all-time. Happy belated birthday, John. You earned my respect the first time we locked horns.

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