The Young Bucks drop AAA Champioships to the Lucha Brothers

The Young Bucks lost the AAA tag-team Championship to the Lucha Brothers Sunday night at at the Verano de Escandalo evnet in Merida, Mexico. The Bucks held the titles since defeating Fenix and Pentagon jr. back in March.

“The Bucks first won the titles back at the Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide event in mid-March after making a surprise challenge to the luchadores moments after the had won the titles for the first time as a group. But Pentagon and Fenix managed to get revenge on Sunday night, winning back the tag titles at the Verano de Escandalo evnet in Merida, Mexico.”

For more on the match check out’s article.

AEW announces that Fyter Fest will air for free

Fresh off the success of Double or Nothing, AEW is building for their next show, Fyter Fest. The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega released a short video today announcing that the show would stream for free via Bleacher Report Live.

Fyter Fest will take place Saturday, June 29 in Daytona Beach Florida. As of now there are 6 matches scheduled for the show.

Peter Avalon and The Young Bucks take a jab at WWE?

On the most recent episode of Being the Elite, the Young Bucks and Peter Avalon were engaged in a back and forth about who will be doing a new gimmick “The Librarian”. After some complaining, Avalon proceeded to throw a little shade at WWE by requesting his relaese.

“The Young Bucks and Peter Avalon were having a discussion about a new gimmick that everyone had been competing for. The aptly termed ‘The Librarian’ has been the centre of discussion in AEW as apparently, as the gimmick has been given to both Peter Avalon and Leva Bates.

After Peter Avalon complains to The Young Bucks about this confusion saying that this isn’t what he signed up for, he then asks for his release. The Young Bucks responded by saying that they won’t do it as he didn’t read the fine print. The conversation concludes with The Young Bucks refusing to give his release:

We’re going to send you home. And then, you’re just going to collect paycheck after paycheck…You’re going to spend Christmas Day at your home…”

Exerpts taken from Sportskeeda’s article. You can watch this weeks episdoe of Being the Elite here.