AEW unveils plan to crown their first World Champion

AEW has finally unveiled how they will crown their first World Champion. The details were revealed during the most recent and final episode of Road to Double or Nothing.

“The first will be the winner of the Casino Battle Royale on this Saturday’s The Buy In pre-show. The other will be the winner of Kenny Omega vs. Chris Jericho. Those two contenders will then meet at a later date for the title.”

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Former WWE star Shawn Spears booked for Double or Nothing

Double or Nothing is only a few short days away and AEW is still busy finalizing the card. Today they announced that Shawn Spears would appear in the 21 man Casino Battle Royale.

“AEW ended speculation and confirmed that Shawn Spears—known in WWE as “The Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger—is the latest entry in Double or Nothing’s 21-man Casino Battle Royale.”

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Tye Dillinger believes the WWE should give fans what they want

Former WWE Superstar Tye Dillinger recently gave an interview to Edge and Christian on E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness. The trio touched on a number of issues surrounding Dillenger’s departure from WWE, including the way his character was used.

“I don’t believe in working for an audience of one. I believe we are supposed to be working for the audience and you give them what they want because they are telling you what they want. Kofi Kingston is a beautiful example. Becky Lynch is a beautiful example of wonderful stories fulfilled that people could not wait to see the end of. It doesn’t always happen like that. But once it caught momentum, yeah, I don’t want to say they didn’t have a choice because they could have done whatever they wanted, but the momentum was just 100%, the people is what propelled me onward and upward every single time, so that’s not to pander to the audience, but they really did take it all the way there.” Spears added, “I’m curious how much they could have got out of the Perfect 10 character, just with the momentum and popularity when something like that kind of catches, on the business side of things, you want to milk it for all it’s worth. And then, it moves aside and the next thing comes up. I don’t feel we, the best word is ‘capitalized’. I don’t feel we capitalized on the entire thing and I thought of being there, being gone, coming back, transforming into this, finally having something that people can grab onto, and then, paying it off in one grand, spectacle of a moment would have been a fine way to do it.”

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