John Cena share his thoughts on Taker, Goldberg and retirement

TMZ Sports recently caught up with John Cena to congratulate him on his upcoming role in Fast and Furious 9. Cena also shared his thoughts on whether or not Undertaker and Goldberg should retire.

“I think an individual’s career is up to the individual,” Cena said when asked if Taker and Goldberg should retire. “I think that’s pretty much the way I can describe that. I’ve been having the same conversation with myself and I’m only 42. It’s something we’ve got to address each day. That’s individually specific and when those people are ready to stop, they’ll stop.”

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RAW ratings up over 10 percent this week

The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar were evidently just what the doctor ordered for WWE’s anemic ratings. The pair helped bolster the struggling programs overall numbers by over 10 percent this week.

Viewership for last week’s Memorial Day episode of Monday Night Raw was down to 2.19 million viewers but that changed in a big way this week, as the show drew 2.41 million viewers. The hourly breakdown also shows the plan they had in place worked perfectly

Hour one: 2.31 million
Hour two: 2.56 million
Hour three: 2.35 million

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Mick Foley is open to Hell in the Cell rematch against Undertaker?

Wrestling legend Mick Foley was recently on the Pro Wrestling show podcast. Foley revealed that for the right price he would be open to working a second Hell in the Cell match with Undertaker. Over two decades have passed since the first iconic match that is widely considered to be one of the most violent in the history of the WWE.

“If they wanted a rematch of the Cell badly enough and willing to pay for it, they’d probably get it. Working slower than I did 21 years ago, but I’d be out there.”

The odds that this match ever happens are slim, but if the money is right Foley seems to be open to it. For more exerpts from Foley’s interview check out INQUISTR’s recap.